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Thursday, January 27, 2005

It's not about you!

Here is an interesting take on how to better serve your clients by serving yourself less. The author, Kathy Sierra "is an author of bestseller Head First books (http://www.wickedlysmart.com)--a new brain-friendly series from O'Reilly."

While you may not be a writer or trainer, like Sierra, I think that the concepts discussed here relate to anyone who deals with customers and clients.

From the web site...

Users shouldn't think about YOU

Do you care what your users think of you?


Our best advice for creating passionate users is:

Care ONLY about what your users think of themselves as a result of interacting with your creation.

That's a major shift for a lot of people, especially our tech book authors (and instructors). It's so natural to write with a critic sitting on your shoulder representing the person who isn't even in your target audience anyway, slamming you for leaving something out, or not being technical enough, or not proving how smart you are. I have a little story about this... (Continued)


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