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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Solar-power recharging backpack

I am not nearly enough of a road warrior to need one of these backpacks, but I still think they are cool! If you need to compute outside of a normal office, this is for you.

I wish we had more and cheaper alternatives for solar charging and powering our devices. I wouldn't mind laying my cell phone on the dashboard to charge up instead of plugging it in every night. Here in LA I think that would work pretty well.

Solar-powered recharging backpack "

Enviro-friendly weblog Treehugger points to the Voltaic Solar/Electronic Backpack, a bag with solar panels built into it that recharge portable electronics like your iPod or phone.

On cloudy days plug the backpack into an outlet and juice its lithium ion batteries for a full-on mobile power source that's stylish as well. Due out in November for about 230 bucks.

(Via Lifehacker.)


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