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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Low-tech PDA?

How low-tech can you go and still "get things done"? Well, it seems you can go pretty low indeed. I especially enjoy the fact that if you use the pads with carbon paper you get an automatic archive of all your notes. This is great when you jot something down for someone else, but want to keep a copy yourself. In an odd way it reminds me of Thomas Jefferson's pantograph, which allowed him to make copies of all the letters he sent to others.

This gets my 'Too cool" rating for the day.

Blessedly simple

Guest Check PDA

This is a clever variation on the Hipster PDA that I picked up over on the HPDA wiki page. Use a cheapie, pocket-sized pad of restaurant “Guest Checks” to take notes. The hack is to use the kind with old-school carbon copies, so you’ll always have an archival copy of any notes you take.

Check out the full set on Flickr.<

(Via 43 Folders.)


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