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Thursday, August 11, 2005

That about sums it up...

We have all seen the typical, "My child can beat up your honor student." and 1-800-EAT-****" bumper stickers, but it seems that the owner of a Scion I saw parked today on Ventura Boulevard has cut right to the chase.

In ornate white script on the heavily tinted back window, it simply read, F*** You.

Hmm, I knew a lot of people had this attitude in LA, but it is entirely different to display it so proudly. I guess you at least know where you stand with this person, though.

I can easily see someone taking offense and removing the words, if not the entire back window. Might not be worth the $100-$200 for a window replacement. Not that I would evercondone doing such a thing.

I would have taken a picture but the digicamm is in the shop. Darn!


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