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Friday, October 21, 2005

Martha Stewart Living has 29 Last-Minute Costume Ideas...and much more!

The latest edition of the Martha Stewart Living's online newsletter has a host of Halloween information.

Be a Ghost or Witch—Without a Stitch
What do bubble wrap, umbrellas, and garbage bags have in common? They are all the start of quick, imaginative costumes that you can make without a sewing machine.

Create a Hair-Raising Look
These costumes are “all in your head” and require very little prep time and materials. The “natural” looks are perfect for busy parents and kids.

Make Costumes at the Supermarket
While you shop for tonight’s dinner, you can easily gather the makings of a great disguise with these inventive and fun grocery get-ups.

Transform into Something Terrifying
Stumped on a costume, but still want to make an entrance? These creepy makeup and hair touches are quick and the results are truly queasy.

Link: Martha Stewart Living Halloween


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