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Friday, October 07, 2005

Podcasting: The power of your own personal radio station

I am starting to promote podcasting presentations for musicians, songwriters and others in the music business. This information could easily apply to anyone who is trying to "get the word out" about their services or products. If you, or anyone you know would be interested in such a presentation for their group or company, please pass along this information and have them contact me directly at: douglas@welchwrite.com.

Imagine running your own radio station where you control the music and the message. Imagine that you could automatically deliver your show directly to your fan's computer and MP3 player, where they can listen to it, whenever and wherever they want.

There is no need to imagine any longer. This is the reality of podcasting -- and what makes it every musician's new best marketing tool.

Douglas E. Welch, independent computer consultant, technology writer, podcaster and amateur musician explains the basics of podcasting, what it means to you as an independent artist and how to get started today.

The great news is, in most cases, singers, songwriters and musicians don’t need much more than their music and a web site to get started. Their first podcast can be released in days, not weeks or months, opening up an entirely new avenue of communication with their fans.

The recent inclusion of a podcast directory and podcast support in Apple's free iTunes music software means that anyone, from the high-tech kid down the block, to Grandma in her hometown can easily receive your content and enjoy it on their schedule, not when some program director decides to play it.

Douglas Welch can give your members the basics of podcasting, including a question and answer session in a 30, 60 or 90 minute presentation.


Douglas E. Welch

Podcasting 101 Highlights -- What your members will learn about podcasting

* What is podcasting?

* Why you should be podcasting today?

* Blogging and podcasting, 2 great things that go great together

* What do you need to get started?

* How often should you produce a podcast?

* Does podcasting require and iPod? ... and other myths

* Publicizing your podcast

* Podcasting costs

Douglas E. Welch is a 20 veteran of the high-tech world, including 5 years as a Senior Microcomputer Analyst at Walt Disney Imagineering. For the last 9 years, he has been an independent computer consultant and freelance technology writer. His weekly column, Career Opportunities: The High-Tech Career Handbook is now in its 9th year with ComputorEdge magazine in San Diego, California. Douglas also hosts and produces the Career Opportunities podcast twice-weekly. He was one of a handful of podcasting pioneers and the Career Opportunities podcast recently celebrated its 100th show and 1 year anniversary. Both the columns and the podcast can be found at http://welchwrite.com/career/


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