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Sunday, December 04, 2005

More Norton Internet Security issues

I ran into another issue with Norton Internet Security this week, one that I had run into before, but without finding this tech note to help me. In that case, I had to remove and re-install Norton INternet Security to solve the problem.

(See previous Norton Internet Security post with many reader comments)

Several times I have had clients disable their email connections. They could still browse the web and use other services, but the connection to their POP server was blocked. Despite poking around in the NIS settings, I couldn't find any particular rules that would be causing this. Then, I found this tech note on the Symantec site:

Modifying or restoring the default firewall rules in Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall

After performing the steps shown, downloading/running the referenced ISRIRstr.exe program and restarting the computer, the client was able to access their email again. Yet another frustrating bit of NIS troubleshooting.


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