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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Adelphia Issues

I know that I am far from the only person experiencing problems with their cable company (Go Podcasting!), but the last 2 weeks have been horrible. I have had at least 4 days when my high-speed Internet has been out of service for nearly the entire business day. Service would then return around 6-7 PM. I spotted trucks all over the neighborhood and it looked like they were replacing amplifiers on many of the poles.

While I have been pretty satisfied with my service over the last several years, the extra cost of high-speed cable and now, these extensive outages, are pushing me towards SBC DSL. Of course, that has its own host of problems, but at least it is cheaper. (SMILE)

From a customer service standpoint, I wouldn't be so irked if that had, at least, informed us that there would be outages between certain hours of the day. At least then I could have planned to camp out at the Sherman Oaks Branch of the LAPL and used their free Wi-Fi to get some work done. Instead, I have heard nothing and the phone techs (who have all been unfailingly professional) can't tell me anything beyond "Yes, there is an outage in your area and there is no ETA for restoration of service."

Monopolies Suck and Absolute Monopolies Sucks Absolutely! Grrrrr!


At 7:07 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Doug, we moved from Time-Warner Cable to SBC DSL last February and it's been great. Mainly we switched for cost reasons, but honestly, I don't see a huge difference in speed and SBC has been quite reliable. Give it a shot! :-)


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