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Friday, June 30, 2006

Elsewhere Online: Freeware, fullscreen writing for OS X?

In the world of "Getting Things Done", the popular producitivy methodology by David Allen, productivity is often hampered by lack of focus. Writers, like myself, are especially susceptible to all the buttons, menus and toolbars of a typical computer program and sometimes we just need a plain page to focus our attention.

Hog Bay Software has provided one answer to the help you focus on your writing, WriteRoom, a plain and simple word processor that allows you to quickly dump your words onto the page without getting caught up in all the other distractions of your computer. In Full Screen mode it reminds me of the old days writing in Wordstar or WordPerfect when you could only run one program at a time, except for maybe SideKick and had to focus on what you were doing.

Freeware, fullscreen writing for OS X? Hog Bay Software seems to be reading 43folders and courting Merlin and other writers. They have just released a full screen writiing tool called WriteRoom...

(Via 43 Folders Board.)

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