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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Elsewhere Online: Wilacre Park: The Neighborhood Hike

If this heat ever breaks, I might actually get out into the hills again. I don't deal with heat well, even though I grew up in the hot and sticky kingdom of Ohio. It just beats me up and leaves me feeling burnt.

I have been on several sections of this trail and it is nice, if a bit exposed in spots. It certainly provides you a great way to get out of the city without driving too far. I would guess that you could even arrange to get a bus to the trailhead. In fact, here is the suggested route from my house to the Fryman Canyon entrance via DASH Bus and MTA.

There are even several GeoCaches in the area.

Wilacre Park: The Neighborhood Hike

Hiking Wilacre Park is more like hiking three parks in one without realizing it. Wilacre, Coldwater Canyon and Fryman Canyon parks all sort of merge into each other without any sort of warning of boundary lines. Take the Cross Mountain Park trail system a little further and you'll hit Franklin Canyon Park. (Continues)

(Via LAist.)

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