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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Caramel-Walnut Tart - P-a-D 12/06/06

I usually stick to cookies for our big Holiday Cookie Party, but this year I decided to whip up one of these tarts to share. They look very nice, but are very easy to prepare and have few ingredients. You could always drizzle little lines off chocolate over the top for a final touch. This one was still cooling, though.

I have made them before, usually for the bake sale at my son's school. They were always a hit there and often wouldn't make it out to the actual bake sale at the end of the day. I once asked where my tarts were and was told by the school secretary that the principal had made a point of grabbing it before it could even be sold.

It sure is nice to be wanted. (SMILE)

I believe this recipe is from a Nigella Lawson book, but I lost all the book information when I cropped the recipe for my files. Silly me.


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