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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Elsewhere in LA: L.A. Times closes two sections, to start

Every day I wonder a little more why they don't just shut the doors at the LA Times and just walk away. LAObserved reports on more cuts at the paper and I can't imagine how much more there is left to cut.

It is sad to see a newspaper die such a slow and painful death, but doubly so when they are committing business suicide. Surely, there is someone around who can figure out that some combination of paper and online-based reporting can still be a moneymaker today instead of trying to hold onto a newspaper world that no longer exists.

I still read the LA Times every day, but I cannot say how much longer that will go on. Perhaps the paper will disappear completely before I have to make my choice.

L.A. Times closes two sections, to start

With Sam Zell and Randy Michaels in town and making everybody antsy, and speculation raging in the newsroom about the future of Publisher David Hiller,...

(Via L.A. Observed.)


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