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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Geek to Live: Train others how to use email from LifeHacker.com

This is a great article from Lifehacker.com on how to better use email and, through your example, train others, too.

If you have ever emailed me, you may have noticed that I have used several of these hints, including the first one on resetting the subject of the message. Whenever I reply to a message without a subject, or with a bad subject like "Hi!", I make a point of resetting it to something appropriate. This helps both the sender and myself to easily track the thread of the conversation.

There are some great tips and hints here that we all should absorb and put to use today. Email can be a wonderful tool, but it needs to be used correctly to gain all the benefits it has to offer.

Geek to Live: Train others how to use email by Gina Trapani

It may be the year 2006, but most people still don't know how to use email correctly. Irrelevant subject lines, top-posting, excessive cc'ing, rambling, mixing topics in single threads - the list of prolific bad email habits goes on. Instead of being the tiresome know-it-all who slaps correspondents across the wrist for terrible netiquette, use more subtle methods of teaching better email habits to those with whom you write.

The key is to teach by example. Here are a few ways to wrangle spaghetti email messages from the clueless into more effective communication AND to gently nudge them toward better habits in the future.

(Via Lifehacker.)

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