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Friday, December 08, 2006

A Mess O' Chili - P-a-D 12/08/06

A Mess O' Chili - P-a-D 12/08/06
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
A Mess O' Chili indeed.

I make up a huge batch of my Christmas Chili each year to help balance out all the sugar in the mass of cookies I make. This year, I finally went out and bought a 20 quart/5 gallon pot instead of trying to use 3 crockpots or borrowing a big pot from our restaurant-owning friends.

It is rare that I cook in such quantities for the family, but this same pot will be perfect for your monthly chicken stock production. My wife handles that project, thought.

Final count for all the cookies this year is coming in around 70-80 dozen (960 individual) cookies, fudge and even a caramel-walnut tart for good measure.

While we usually run out of some varieties later in the evening, we always have plenty of cookies to share with friends and family who couldn't make it to the actual Open House.


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