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Saturday, January 11, 2003

Events/Outdoors/Moonlight Hikes

Saturday 1/18 4:30pm

Franklin Canyon Ranch

Full Moon Hike

Explore the canyon by moonlight on a moderately strenuous hike. Look and listen for wildlife and enjoy a spectacular view of the city from atop the canyon trail. Lots of fun for all ages. 2hrs WODOC

Saturday 1/18 7pm

Charmlee Wilderness Park

Full Moon Hike

An evening hike through the park under the full moon. All ages welcome. Reservations required 3 1 0 - 3 1 7 - 1 3 6 4 . 2hrs CNA

Complete list of hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains

Friday, January 10, 2003

What I Am Reading, Listening and Watching...


The Lost Soul Companion: A Book of comfort and constructive advice for Black Sheep, Square Pegs, Struggling Artists and Other Free Spirits

Lost Soul Companion Web Site


Walking in This World: The Practical Art of Creativity

CD | Audio Tape


Decorating Magic: 500 Clever Tricks With 50 easy-to-find items


Drawing Nature



Magnificat - Chanticleer


Ken Burns JAZZ Collection: Dave Brubeck


Playin' with My Friends: Bennett Sings the Blues



Roman Holiday (Special Collector's Edition)


Safari Update (v51)

Here is the update for Apple's new browser, Safari. You can find your current revision number by selecting About Safari, from the Safari menu.

Career Column

Career-Op: Get with the program
by Douglas E. Welch, ComputorEdge Magazine

Programming has never been an easy high-tech career path. Whether you are working in a corporate cube farm or on your own, the technical issues of programming languages, data architecture and accessibility issues are trouble enough, but the people issues can be even more challenging. If you are planning on striking off into the programming field, you would do well to consider the following issues.

Thursday, January 09, 2003


Safari Reader Notes from Macintouch.com

For all of you who downloaded the Safari browser from Apple in the last few days, here is a consolidated listing of issues, tip, hints and traps.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Computers/Windows XP/Support/Weird

A Ghost in your Machine

When I say weird, I mean weird.

A client called with a problem today. It seems that her computer had suddenly started typing out words on its own. Not garbage, mind you, but real English words. Whenever she was trying to type search terms into Google or write up a letter in MS Word, random words would appear.

Since it was complete words, that ruled out a stuck key on the keyboard. Hmmm...she had already run a virus scan with no results. It happened even if her Internet connection was off and unplugged from the wall jack.

"Curiouser and curiouser," said Alice.

Finally, I turned to my Oracle of last resort, Google. Search result #1 was this Lockergnome article from January 2002. You need to scroll down to the item "New Random Typing Virus?"

It seems that someone had seen this one before. A quick read of the item pointed me in the right direction. It seems that some Windows XP computers, both his and mine were from Dell, come with Speech Recognition enabled by default. The words being inserted were the computer's interpretations of whatever room noise happened to be occurring at time. Turning off the Speech Recognition function solved the problem.

This DELL tech note gives the specific steps to removing the Dictation services on their machines.

The easiest way to disable the feature is to run MS Word, Select the Tools Menu, and then uncheck the Speech item. Once again, the Internet, and Google, comes through in a pinch.


If you haven't gotten Safari yet, get it!. The software is still BETA, so there might be a few bugs, but it is great pleasure to have a web browser worthy of OS X.

I don't have any benchmarks yet, but the perceived speed is much faster than Internet Explorer. Pages pop!

Available now from Apple.com.


Musical Circus Museum 01/18/2003

Musical Circus is a two-part program sponsored by the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra offering children an opportunity to sample various orchestral instruments, then attend a special guest artist performance.

Today's event features the Los Angeles Flute Quartet, showcasing the many facets of this beloved instrument.

For ages 10 and under. 8:30 to 10 a.m.


Pasadena Civic Auditorium,

300 E. Green St., Pasadena. 626-793-7172. )SGV)

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Apple News from MacWorld

New software and new machines with lots of flash were announced at the annual Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Check out the highlights over at Macintouch.com.

Monday, January 06, 2003


Garden Photos

A few shots from a bright and blustery day here in California. It is unseasonably warm today with a big Santa Ana wind pushing temperatures into the high 70's. I can't imagine what the plants think of this.


Apple iCal 1.0.2

It looks like Apple had to release a quick bug fix to thier newly updated iCal program. If you are using iCal it is probably a good idea to get this download as soon as possible.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

Events/Birds & Whales

Descanso Gardens

Sunday Jan 12 - 8:00 AM

Learn the Birds of the Gardens

Descanso Gardens is a wonderful place to view the different varieties of birds that visit Southern California. Experts from the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society lead free, instructional bird walks every second and fourth Sunday of the month. Meet at 8 a.m. at the Center Circle.

Free Admission for early birders. The tours are led by Karen Johnson or Nancy Knode.

For more information call Karen at 818-790-1687 or email lv2bird@aol.com Free With Garden Admission

Whale Fiesta 2003

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

New Date! January 12, 2003

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