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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

On Podcasting: 2 years ago in podcast history...

Back at the beginning...2 years ago on iPodder.org from The Wayback Machine.

This is a partial screen grab from The Wayback Machine, a unique service provided by The Internet Archive, which allows you to view web pages as they existed in the past.

Here is the full list of shows on September 24, 2004, the date of my first Career Opportunities podcast.

  • The Daily Source Code
  • iPodder Default Test Channel
  • Trade Secrets
  • Static Radio
  • North West Noise
  • Web Talk
  • The Linux Link Tech Show
  • Podcasting from SoftwareLand
  • Curry & van Inkel Radio Archives
  • Leo Laporte's Tech Guy on KFI
  • Whole Wheat Radio
  • QOTD
  • From the Fermosa Tea House
  • Morning Coffee Notes
  • Career Opportunities
  • Evil Genius Chronicles
  • Escape from the world
  • IT Conversations
  • RasterWeb
  • Blogdigger Audio
  • FreeFlow
  • Blogosphereradio
  • Ghost in the machine

* Bold = Still in production (as far as I was able to tell)

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