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Monday, September 18, 2006

What I'm Reading...

Math and the Mona Lisa | The Geek Gap

Math and the Mona Lisa was passed along by my sister a few weeks ago. I have read several books on Leonardo da Vinci and, like most, find him fascinating. This book has a bit more higher level math than other books I might choose to read, but you can still easily follow the ideas, even if you don't quite understand the math. It explores how mathematics and geometry are involved in art, even if the artist has no conscious understanding of the math involved. It seems we are all pre-disposed to find certain ratios and arrangement pleasing to the eye.

The Geek Gap explores the fractious nature of communication that exists between "the suits" and 'the geeks" in any company. I know this issue exists, from first hand experience, and I am quite interested in reading the authors thoughts on how it might be managed.

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