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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Playing music with Lorilyn

Playing music with Lorilyn
Originally uploaded by dewelch
Last night, we headed over for our friend Dave's studio to do a little jamming and noshing. Dave usually hosts a monthly Thurd Thursday event at his studio, but an opening in his schedule allowed for a end-of-the-year jam session.

Our other friend, Lorilyn, is in town from Hawai'i, and she has been drumming for a few years now. She joined me and some others on several songs during the night.

Playing music with others is always a great way to work on your music skills, so I always make myself available when the opportunity arises.

Video coming soon.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Do It Right! LA City Christmas Tree Pickup and Recycling

My friend, Keri Dearborn, over at Animalbytes has pointed out this great information for City of LA residents about Christmas tree pickup, dropoff and recycling.

In the past, many Christmas trees were simply dumped curbside, on lawns or in empty lots. They would often site there for a month or more until someone decided to clean them up.

The best action to take, of course, is to cut up, or chip/shred your tree for use as mulch in your garden or compost pile. While I have the ability to do that here, I realize some other city dwellers might not be equipped for such things.

If you can't mulch or compost your tree, the City of LA has 3 different ways to dispose of your Christmas Tree.

  1. Cut it up and place it in your standard green garden bin

  2. Leave it curbside, if it is too big to fit in the bin (or you are unable to dismantle it)

  3. Take your tree to a long list of drop-off sites around the city incuding various Parks and Recreation and Fire Station locations. This is a limited time option, though. You will only be able to do this on Saturday, January 2, 2010 and Sunday, January 3, 2010.

Here is complete information on City of Los Angeles Christmas Tree Recycling Program. Dispose of your Christmas tree properly!

Photo Credit: Flickr picture by Shira Golding

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Food: Eggnog Cake

I noticed we had almost a half gallon of eggnog left in the fridge yesterday and knew it was probably going to go bad before we drank it. So, I looked into the Bakespace recipe vault and came up with this EggNog Cake recipe.

It was very easy to put together, and I think it looks wonderful baked in our "Cathedral" bundt pan. It smells wonderful, too. We haven't tasted it yet, but I am pretty sure it will taste wonderful, too. Can I say wonderful enough? (SMILE)

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Video: Douglas guests on New Media Tea Time: Part 3

I had a great time recording 3 episodes of New Media Tea Time on Friday with Tracy Pattin and Danielle Gruen. Here is episode 3. You can watch it below or subscribe to the New Media Tea Time podcast in your RSS Reader.

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Video: Douglas guests on New Media Tea Time: Part 2

I had a great time recording 3 episodes of New Media Tea Time on Friday with Tracy Pattin and Danielle Gruen. Here is episode 2. You can watch it below or subscribe to the New Media Tea Time podcast in your RSS Reader.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Video: Making the Christmas Lasagna

My wife is of Sicilian descent, so every year instead of turkey, ham or goose, we make our traditional Christmas Lasagna. Over the years we have taken a fairly plain recipe and dressed it up more and more, while still keeping it fairly traditional.

While my wife, Rosanne, puts the lasagna together, I contribute in 2 large ways. First, I make a big batch of my red sauce, which we use in everything from spaghetti to pizza and I also make homemade pasta sheets. I learned how to make pasta at home several years ago and this has become yet another Christmas Eve tradition for us.

In this video (15 mins) you'll see us making the pasta and assembling the lasagna itself. Enjoy!

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Food: Christmas Morning Oatmeal

The last thing I do before I head to bed on Christmas Eve is put together a batch of what I have come to call, Christmas Morning Oatmeal. This recipe, adapted from one by Alton Brown, worked so well the first year that I made a part of our Christmas for the last 6 or 7 years.

With a kid in the house, having to wait until breakfast is made could make them burst with excitement and anticipation, so this oatmeal allows us to get up, grab a bowl and some coffee and move right on to opening presents. I think this is a perfect compromise -- we get some food and the boy gets to move on with the festivities.

This short video was shot by aforementioned "boy", so it is a little rocky at times, but it gives you all the information your need and a little glimpse of our holiday in progress.

You can find a complete and printable recipe on Bakespace.com - Christmas Morning Oatmeal

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Silent Film Version of A Christmas Carol

While watching today's Holiday Celebration at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion I saw a group perform in front of a projection of an early silent film version of "A Christmas Carol."

A quick Google search turned up the entire film on YouTube and I have embedded it below. Enjoy!

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Caioti Pizza Cafe Portabello

Posted by ShoZu

Caioti Pizza Cafe

Posted by ShoZu

Caioti Pizza Cafe Portobella Pizza

Posted by ShoZu

FOOD: Alt-Malted Milk Balls: The Splendid Table Recipe Box

I am a sucker for malt, especially chocolate and malt so I think I will have to make a batch of this even though my Christmas Cookie baking is over. The fact that they are so simple to make, makes it even more attractive. I wish I would have heard about them sooner. I would have made some for my annual cookie party and maybe even as gifts.

I regularly make malted milk and malted hot chocolate using the steamer on my espresso machine and I imagine this would go well with that, too. I am not sure where I developed my loved for malt flavoring, but it must have been something in my childhood -- perhaps malted milk balls -- as the smell and taste of malt always takes me back to my days growing up in north central Ohio.

If I decide to make these any time soon, I will be sure to grab some photos and perhaps some taste-testing comments from my friends and family.

On another note, if you don't listen to The Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper, you are missing out on great food talk every week. I never have time to listen on radio, so I get the show automatically via podcast...and so can you!

For links to more recipes I find on the 'net, visit my Google Reader Shared items - All Shared Items or Just Recipes

Alt-Malted Milk Balls: The Splendid Table Recipe Box
from splendidtable.publicradio.org

Recipe for Alt-Malted Milk Balls from The Splendid Table's Recipe Box, an extensive compilation of cooking, baking, and entertaining recipes from American Public Media's The Splendid Table. Hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper, The Splendid Table is public radio's culinary, culture, and lifestyle program that celebrates food and its ability to touch our lives and feed the souls of everyone.

Read the entire article

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Douglas talks "Christmas Carol" on the Voicebank.net's VoiceRegistry Blog - Part 1 of 2

Tracy Pattin of Voicebank.net's VoiceRegistry blog and podcast talked with me about our recent live reading of A Christmas Carol for her voice actor readers. This is Part 1 or 2.

A Live Internet Reading of “A Christmas Carol”

On Sunday last, New Media Interchange Founder Douglas E. Welch, held his 4th Annual LIVE Reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and the audio is now available for your holiday pleasure.

It wasn’t your typical live reading of a play. Not a radio play or a televised reading. It was an internet play distributed through the internet’s U-Stream.TV. I had the opportunity to use my voice to be part of this holiday project. Top Warner Brothers sound engineer, Michael Lawshe and New Media Expert Douglas E. Welch team up several times a year to produce these readings. I asked Doug about the process:

Read the entire article

Monday, December 21, 2009

Audio: Live Reading of "A Christmas Carol" - 4th Annual

Yesterday, we held our 4th Annual LIVE Reading of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and the audio is now available for your holiday pleasure.

I think this would be great listening while steaming your Christmas pudding, cooking your Christmas goose or enjoying that refreshing "bowl of steaming bishop!"

Listen to the 4th Annual LIVE Reading of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" from DouglasEWelch.com

You can also watch the video captured live on uStream.tv.

Watch the 4th Annual Reading of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

I hope you enjoy it!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Working while waiting

Doing a little reading and writing as I wait for school pickup time.

Posted by ShoZu

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Christmas Light HERO - Game Playable decorations

Update (12/15/2009): Ric's show has gone viral, with over 550,000 views (and counting) on YouTube. KCAL 9 did a segment on him yesterday.

(Watch "Christmas Light Hero" News Segment)

My friend, Ric, is at it again! This year's Christmas Light display at his house is a life-sized, playable version of Guitar Hero! He seems to top himself every year.

Ric says, "What do you get when you mix a Christmas Light show with Guitar Hero? Christmas Light Hero! A real game you play with a wii wireless guitar controller. Optional TV screen is available if you get in trouble, but if you use the screen, you don't get your name in the high score list."

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Cookies Complete!

Kiss CookiesJoe and I just finished up our last batch of cookie in preparation for Saturday's big party. This year we have 17 different varieties of cookies and candies as well as a Italian Pandoro Cake filled with Limoncello cream.

There are some old favorites and quite a few new recipes this year, including:

Cornmeal Wafers
Chocolate Walnut Fudge
Peanut Butter Fudge
Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin
M&M Cookies
S'mores Icebox Candy Bars
Maple Sugar Cookies
Eggnog Cookies
Cornflake Holly
Green Gables Lemon Biscuits
Chocolate Peanut Meltaways
Pecan Snoballs
Angel Bars
Kiss Cookies
Stained Glass Cookies
No Bake Peanut Butter Squares

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Video: Douglas guests on New Media Tea Time

I had a great time recording 3 episodes of New Media Tea Time on Friday with Tracy Pattin and Danielle Gruen. The first episode has just been released. You can watch it below or subscribe to the New Media Tea Time podcast in your RSS Reader.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cookie Baking in earnest today

Pecan Puffs
Originally uploaded by dewelch
Work has kept me quite busy this week, so I wasn't able to get to my annual cookie baking. We have our big party next week, and I have about 15 varieties of cookies and candies to get made. Today, was unscheduled, so I have spent most of it mixing and baking away. This picture is of Pecan Puffs cooling on the rack. These have now been dusted with with powdered sugar and stored away.

Along with these I have made oatmeal raisin, Green Gables Lemon Biscuits, peanut butter and Kiss cookies.

Click on the photo for more pictures as they are posted.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cookie Baking 2009 Begins

Chocolate Chip
Originally uploaded by dewelch
I started baking cookies for my annual cookie party today. I mixed up a batch of Cornmeal wafers, to be baked later, and then made these Chocolate chop cookies. Tonight I will probably attempt 1 or 2 more batches of something -- maybe fudge.