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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Los Angeles City Hall - PaD 2/27/07

Jury duty downtown started today. I probably have a few more trips down before it is over and could get seated on a 3-week trial!?!?!?

Thank goodness I have the best clients on the planet or I might be more worried about business. Strike that, I have the best clients AND I am still worried about business, but one must do their civic duty.

Picture from my camera phone...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Project: Business Card Holder from Paint Chips

There are some mighty creative people out there, who can seem to turn almost anything into something useful. In this case, not only is it functional, it pretty as well. I'm going to try my hand at a few of these the next time I hit the home improvement store.
Business Card Holder

Here's a pattern for how to turn a paint chip into a lovely little business card holder. Simple and cute. Finally a use for the paint chips I snag here and there at Home Depot when the colors are just too pretty to leave. Go to the Design Verb blog for step by step instructions!

(Via Paper Forest.)
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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Am I better yet? - PaD 2/24/07

Am I better yet? - PaD 2/24/07
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
Just in case you are wondering if I have fallen off the edge of the Earth, here are the items that have been sustaining me for the last week. I have a chronic flirtation with bronchitis and this week I took a big hit. I have been attending to only the most urgent of issues..not that my addled brain would allow me to concentrate on much else between coughing fits.

So today, I am attempting to get back on my horse and start riding again. Thanks be to modern medicine as I have discovered over the years that I can't seem to get over this stuff by myself.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Total Lunar Eclipse - March 3

Update: (3/3/2007 8:35pm): More info from LAist, blogging.la, and Flickr pictures from flyinfoxymama

Update 3/3/07: 9:52pm: Eclipse photos in the Make Photo Pool on Flickr

While we here in California will only be able to see part of the eclipse cycle (if I read the chart linked below correctly), it should still be a neat site. The moon will rise in near totality and then we will see it uncover as the evening progresses. I think I enjoy lunar eclipses more than solar eclipses because they are much more easily observed and present such an odd viewpoint of the moon.

To do March 3: look up in night sky, see total lunar eclipse

Xeni Jardin
: Link to details at NASA website. Depending on where you are on earth, you may be able to see a red glowing moon during the total lunar eclipse next week, on Saturday March 3. I predict that it will be beautiful.

[Boing Boing]

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blogs are up, but I am down...

While the technology keeps running, I am down with a bad cold that is making me write nothing but gibberish and drink copious amounts of orange juice. (WEAK SMILE)

More posts and podcasts by the end of the week. Really! I promise.

(Shouting over shoulder)

"Honey, where's my warm sweater and slippers?"


Monday, February 19, 2007

Look! Up in the sky... - PaD 2/18/07

This year's Great Backyard Bird Count found us back at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve again with our friends, Keri and Michael and others. It was much drier than it was last year, with no rain in sight.

Keri's final report on our day starts wit the following stats.

"Thank you everyone for coming out to count Sunday morning. We saw 41 total species (+domestic ducks). Last year 29 species. Total individuals 305 in 2006; 319 in 2007. 5 species from last year that we did not see - white pelican, sharp-shinned hawk, merlin, violet-green swallow, common yellowthroat. So we saw 16 species this year, that we did not see last year."

More info and a podcast should appear on Keri's blog, Animalbytes, soon.

Ono Grinds - PaD 2/17/07

Ono Grinds - PaD 2/17/07
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
After picking up Nonna at the Van Nuys train station, we headed over to the plant for a bite of some Hawaiian food at K&L BBQ. L&L duplicates a lot of the food found at a traditional "two scoop place" in Hawaii. It is one of the few places I can get a Loco Moco. They are quite a big chain, with locations all over Southern California.

In this photo, Joe is enjoying his usual Chicken Katsu.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

What I'm reading...

I discovered this book through a presentation from Tech Nation with Dr. Moira Gunn, delivered via IT Conversations. She interviews one of the authors Curt Carlson, CEO of SRI International, one of the co-authors. It is well worth a listen and a read.

From Amazon.com....
“Innovation—mystery or mastery? For Carlson and Wilmot, the answer is definitely the latter. Following the example of Deming’s approach to quality—another of those magically powerful substances—they lay out a thoughtful, practical methodology for managing innovation projects through to successful outcomes. Sure, in that one percent inspiration there may be the occasional moment of mystery, but for those of us operating in the ninety-nine percent perspiration part of the field, it’s terrific to finally get a great user’s manual.” —Goeffrey Moore, author of Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution"

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Audubon Center at Debs Park

Audubon Center at Debs Park
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
After installing some computer memory for a client in El Sereno, I took a few minutes to hunt up the Audubon Center at Debs Park. I first tried the park entry off of Monterey Road, but quickly realized it was on the other side of the park, by the 110 Freeway.

This is an excellent center, especially for the kids. They have very nice staff, a winding nature trail with excellent hands-on areas, including this "dig in the dirt" area. There are even signs that tell the kids to "climb the rocks and get dirty." Quite the opposite of most parks and museums these days. Longer trails depart from the center into the sizable Eugene C. Debs Park.

As you might imagine in an Audubon Center, birds and birdwatching are the focus, but the flora and fauna are not slighted. The Center has regular events which you can find in their Calendar of Events (PDF)

I plan on returning soon, when I have some more time, to really check out everything they have to offer and take a walk through the (near) wilderness.

The Center is also very near the Southwest Museum. Although the museum is currently undergoing extensive renovation, various activities continue.

From the Autry National Center Web Site...

"The Southwest Museum and Museum Store will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. with free admission. Visitors will still be able to enjoy a variety of entertaining and educational events. Members can enjoy Southwest Preservation Tours and special interest lectures the fourth Saturday of the month, with advanced registration strongly encouraged. Family activities will take place the first and fourth Saturday of each month. On the second Saturday of the month, families can take part in "Dig It! Family Style," a hands-on archaeology program. The Braun Research Library, located in a separate building at the Southwest, will continue to be open by appointment. The Casa de Adobe on Figueroa, will also be open for special activities and tours."

Stop by and check it out. Admission is currently free.

(Additional Photos available on Flickr.com)

The Giant Dragonflys are Coming! - PaD 2/16/07

The Giant Dragonflys are Coming!
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
They grow them big here in LA! Aieiieiieiiiii!

I came across this, near the corner of Griffin Avenue and Avenue 52 in Highland Park, after my quick visit to the nearby Audubon Center at Debs Park. You find more information on that in a later post. There were also some other sculptures in the yard, but I was driving by and couldn't take more time to explore further. Anyone else have any information on this sculpture and the artist?

Changing the strings on the electric - PaD 2/15/07

In preparation for my big performance next weekend (SMILE), my friend Don, who assembled my electric guitar a year or so ago (A Stratocaster), stopped by to school me in how to change the strings on the darn thing. I had thought about doing it, but quickly realized that it is a lot different than stringing my acoustic guitar. I took some photos to remember the various steps, so this one becomes my Photo-a-Day selection

Elsewhere Online: Downtown LA: Groundwork Open, Coffee Now Plentiful

It looks like I will have no trouble finding coffee downtown if and when I have to serve jury duty next week. BlogDowntown points out 3 more coffee cafes, all within and easy walk or 1 stop ride on the Metro.

Maybe I'll visit them all and do some kind of review. I need something to do during those long jury duty lunches. (SMILE)
Groundwork Open, Coffee Now Plentiful

Continuing to catch up on news that's several days old, the new Groundwork Coffee in the Higgins Building (2nd/Main) opened at the beginning of the week.

(Continues on original site)

(Via blogdowntown: Life in Downtown Los Angeles.)
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Live Reading: Love Letters from History - Valentine's Day

Update: 2/14/07 10:30 pm): High-quality audio is now available for your listening pleasure if you couldn't make it to the LIVE reading.

Love Letter GraphicJoin us for a LIVE reading of Love Letters from History this Valentine's Day at Talkshoe.com.

We will have a series of letters available for reading and you can call in and read LIVE along with our cast of players.

A LIVE Reading of Love Letters from History

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 @ 9 PM EST/6 PM PST

Download the script to follow along or read a selection

Want to join us online, read this post for a guide on How to Join Our LIVE Shows for FREE

Previous WelchWrite Specials:
A LIVE Reading of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol

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Happy Valentine's Day 2007

Valentine's Day 2007
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
Valentine's Day is an interesting day for me. These are two gifts from my son, Joseph, that he made in his weekly after school art class. As you can see from the writing on one of them, Valentine's Day is also my birthday. Today marks my 43rd year on this planet. Since my birthday falls on a holiday, I am expected to give gifts, as well as receive them and it makes it very difficult to go out for dinner or hold any sort of party, as all the other couples are busy with their own celebrations.

That said, tonight some friends are coming over to produce a LIVE reading of Love Letters from History (more info below), so, while it won't be a huge party (I'm not that fond of birthday parties anyway) it will be a nice evening among friends doing something we all enjoy. Join us, online tonight, starting at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST. Again, full information in how to listen or join in is in a post below.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Event: AnimalBytes at Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge - This Sunday

My friend, Keri, posted this event to her blog and podcast, Animalbytes. We attended last year and had a great time. Heck, it's so close we could ride our bikes there. Watch the video from last year's walk! -- Douglas

Egret at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve 2006AnimalBytes at Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge

Sunday, February 18, 2007 at 8:00 AM

This weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count. AnimalBytes will be at the Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge.

Bring your binoculars and Come Join Us.

We will be counting birds for Cornell University Lab of Ornithology. Last year we documented over 100 double-crested cormorants, flocks of red-winged blackbirds and a kettle of turkey vultures. The Sepulveda Dam area brings together water fowl and song birds. This year we hope to tally even more individual birds and species.

We will meet at the cement sign at the north entrance to the wildlife area between 7:45 AM and 8:00 AM.

The Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge is accessible from the 405 FWY, the 101 FWY and the Metro Orange Line (Woodley Station).

To access the parking area, enter the park from Woodley at the same driveway as the Japanese Gardens. Stay to the right and follow the road east along the wall. The road ends at a parking area with a public restroom. The cement sign and the entrance path are just before you come to the public restroom. Well-behaved children are always welcome, they have the best eyes and are our next generation of conservationists.

You can count at home in you backyard too.

Remember Every Bird Counts.
For more information about GBBC and to enter your own bird counts go to the GBBC Website

(Via AnimalBytes.)

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Event: Pt. Vicente on top of the world

Cybele over at blogging.la points out an event that is new to me and I want to share it with you. Not only that, now I have to arrange to get down there sometime. (SMILE)

Pt. Vicente on top of the world

Cybele: Every second Saturday the Pt. Vicente Lighthouse is open to the public. Not only is it free of charge, it's like stepping back in time.

It's just three flights of stairs and a little ladder climb up to the top.

The light room itself is pretty hot ... seriously. The rotating 1000 watt lamp plus the widows is like a heater in a greehouse.

(Continues at original site)

(Via Blogging.LA.)
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JoAnn Braheny - Creativity Expert - on the next Career Opportunities LIVE

Join creativity and career consultant JoAnn Braheny for a LIVE interview and question and answer session.

Much like I believe that every career is a high-tech career, every career is also becoming a creative career. I'll discuss this topic and more with JoAnn.

Check out her blog, Goosing Your Muse and her Bio.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

What I'm Reading....

Readymade is from the folks over at Readymade magazine, a great monthly available via subscription or on the newstand.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Elsewhere Online: Google Maps Adds Metro Stations & Video

I have been paying more attention to blogs which discuss public transportation in Los Angeles, and the item below popped up today. While it is good news to see this Metro info appearing in Google Maps, another link at the bottom was even more interesting. It links to a video on the Metro system both present and future, produced by the blog, TMIV and the Dude.

Here is a sample of one of the videos. Check out their web site for more.

Google Maps Adds Metro Stations

I found out via Lifehacker that Google Maps quietly updated their New York City maps to include prominent buildings and subway stations, and apparently they’ve done the same for Los Angeles! Now all we need is Google Transit support and we’re all good.

Don’t forget: TMIV’s Google Earth KML files for Metro Rail

(Via MetroRiderLA.)

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End of a long week - PaD 2/8/07

End of a long week - PaD 2/8/07
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
It has been a long and busy week and it is definitely time to rest my eyes. See you all on Monday...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Elsewhere Online: Leonardo Romanelli's Pasta e Ceci: An Illustrated Recipe

I am always on the lookout for new recipes, especially for Italian food, since Rosanne is Siciliano. (SMILE) I love Italian food, too though, and soups especially so this recipes for Pasta and Ceci (Chickpea) Soup fits the bill nicely.

Even more, this recipe is illustrated, so you can easily follow along and make it yourself.

Leonardo Romanelli's Pasta e Ceci: An Illustrated Recipe

There are many variations on pasta e ceci, pasta and chickpea soup, and Leonardo's is both easy and quick, once you have the cooked chickpeas. In other words, it's a...

(Via Italian Cuisine.)

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tools and ...

Tools and ...
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
I have been driving a lot and seeing many scenes like this out of my window. Today was a trip beyond downtown, through Vernon and back again. Along Soto St. the lanes get pretty close and there is a lot of truck traffic. I like the reflection of the same truck, and the one behind it, in the mirror.

Don't worry though, I was stopped at a traffic light when I popped this one with my cameraphone.

Event: Geek Dinner February @ El Chollo

Nolan and Brent BushnellHeathervescent just sent out the notice for the next Geek Dinner. These get-togethers are a great way to meet other tech-minded folks here in LA and grew out of BarCampLA.

You can find photos from previous Geek Dinner and BarCampLA in my Flickr Stream.

Come and join us sometime! -- Douglas

Greekings g33ks!

Yeah, yeah, you're over the holidays and almost ready to dive into the insanity that is March. For now though, let's have a nice relaxing evening of talk and margaritas at El Cholo. Feel free to bring your laptops and other gear to show off (or just stay connected). It won't be the first someone someone was "working" from the g33k dinner.

Date: Feb 20th, 8pm dinner, come early for drinks
Location: El Cholo, 1121 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006,(323) 734-2773
Reservation under "Heather"

Pass on the invite to your g33k inclined friends/colleagues. Come early for a margarita. RSVP here: http://barcamp.org/BarCampLA-Geek10

Also, note, March 24/25 is the next LA Barcamp. We will be discussing what needs to be done for it, so come if you would like to help coordinate.

Note: March g33k dinner will be back in Santa Monica/West side. So send those restaurant suggestions.

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Uh, about that color...and those signs...

Ok, I don't necessarily want to get off on a rant about the architectural blight in the Valley like I have been reading over on Come on, Feel the Nuys...BUT...this remodel took a building that was inconspicuous and blended nicely into its surroundings and replaced it with an ugly eyesore that revolts me every time I drive by, which is at least twice a day for school pickup and drop-off.

How many ways does it offend? Well, let's start with the obvious. The color is horrendous -- a sort of neon, pea green that commands your vision as you drive by. A color that says "Look at me...and be sickened."

Then there are the 2 large signs in a conflicting color scheme.

Then, to add insult in injury, is the new "billboard" on the left, which I don't ever remember being there before. If it was, it was much less prominent before and now commands the all important advertising space at the end of the Sepulveda off-ramp.

At a minimum, I would be much happier if it just had a less hideous color scheme, but, in my opinion, the owners have taken a relatively benign building and turned it into an eyesore. I guess I should count myself lucky that I don't live across the street where I would have to look at it all day long. Yuck!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On Podcasting: A Presentation to the IABC in Los Angeles, California

Photo of Douglas E. Welch by eecueThis edition of On Podcasting is a recording of my presentation to the IABC LA (International Association of Business Communicators, Los Angeles), including a very in-depth question and answer session.

Listen to the Presentation

Previous "On Podcasting" articles:
On Podcasting: Freedom
On Podcasting: Money, money, money
On Podcasting: Belkin TuneStudio
On Podcasting: 2 years ago in podcast history...
On Podcasting: It's just a hobby, right?
On Podcasting: Podcasting and Education Panel from the Expo Audio
On Podcasting: My Podcast Process
On Podcasting: GoDaddy.com - Web hosts that don't host
On Podcasting: The Why, How and What of Podcasting - from BarCampLA 2006 Audio/Video
On Podcasting: Talking to the "old" media
Douglas interviewed on The Red Fence Project Video
Douglas on YourLA Video
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IABC Meeting - PaD 2/6/07

IABC Meeting - PaD 2/6/07
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
I spoke to the Los Angeles chapter of IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) this evening in Pasadena. They are a great group of folks who were really interested in podcasting and how it might be used in their companies and their client's companies. I gave a very short introduction to podcasting and then opened the meeting up to question and answer, like I usually do with my presentations. We touched on many aspects of podcasting including the how, what and why.

Monday, February 05, 2007

YUM! - Ferrero Rocher reviewed on CandyBlog

Ferraro Rocher LogoCybele over at Candy Blog posts about Ferraro Rocher, a little bundle of chocolate, wafer and hazelnut joy that I fell in love with when visiting the wife's family in Sicily. These are my choice for the most perfect chocolate confection on the planet -- chocolately, crunchy, nutty -- of man, I got to go buy some.....NOW! (SMILE)

Ferrero Rocher

One of the more familiar candies that’s marketed for Valentine’s Day would be the Ferrero Rocher. They’re pretty candies all year round but during the season for lovers they’re placed in clear plastic heart-shaped domes of varying sizes.

(Continue Reading)

(Via candy blog.)

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hermon, (City of Los Angeles), California

No matter how long you live in Los Angeles, your chances of seeing all of it are almost nil. I've only been here 20 years, so it should not be surprising that I haven't seen large sections of the city, let alone Los Angeles County.

As I was going about my computer consulting work on Friday, I had to find a route from the El Sereno area back to the 134 Freeway so I could get back to the San Fernando Valley for my final call of the day. Poking around in Google Maps, I found a route up Monterey Road, over Avenue 60 and up Figeroa St. Little did I know that I was going to come across a piece of early Los Angeles History.

Hermon California Satellite Picture from Google Right before I made my turn onto Avenue 60, I came into a pleasant little "Main Street" area with a lovely divided boulevard with a sign that said "Hermon." "What a cute little place, here in the midst of the city," I thought. I wonder how it came to be.

Well, a quick search turned up quite a bit of information, starting with this page on Wikipedia. Here is a short quote...

"[Hermon] is a small town in California, in the United States. It is situated in a half square-mile valley bordered by the Arroyo Seco and the historic 110 freeway to the west, Monterey Hills to the south, and South Pasadena to the north and east. The community has been part of the city of Los Angeles since 1912, but the neighborhood has retained its own unique identity. It is primarily a residential community, with a small business district in the center, one elementary school, and newly-dedicated dog park."

Additional links from the Hermon page include a short video from the Los Angeles Times, the Hermon.org web site and info on the aforementioned dog park.

I am always amazed at what I stumble across in my travels.

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LA Info: Off to the E-Waste Drop-off We Go!

Randall Street S.A.F.E Collection Center
11025 Randall St. Sun Valley, CA 91352
Map and Info in PDF Format

Other S.A.F.E Centers

I finally got my act together this morning, gathered up all my eWaste, packed them into my Element and headed off to the industrial heartland of the San Fernando Valley -- Sun Valley. It is here that the City of Los Angeles has a permanent drop-off site for eWaste and Hazardous Waste.

The picture above shows the entrance to the location. They were unwilling to let me take photos within the drop-off itself.

The Collection Center was well-organized and not very busy at 1030 AM on a Saturday. Their hours of operation are Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Rain cancels the drop-off.

My load contained 3 old PCs, my venerable Apple LaserWriter Pro 600 that finally died after 15+ years of service, a bag of batteries, a fax machine and a computer monitor I no longer needed. I hate to throw anything away, but these PCs wouldn't even run one of the small Linux distributions anymore, so there wasn't much I could do. I have recycled one old PC myself as a office server and it works very well.

The flyer from the web site declares a 6-piece limit for the drop-off, but the staff didn't seem concerned with my, probably, 8-9 item total, when you included the small individual pieces. The staff was friendly and efficient. You don't even have to unload. Due to the hazardous waste that might be dropped off, you are requested to remain in your car during the process.

If you have old electronics lying around, remember, California State Law now declares that they must be disposed of properly and not simply thrown in the trash. Visit on of the permanent drop-off centers, or check the eWaste calendar for a scheduled drop-off in your area.

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First Daffodils 2007 - PaD 2/3/07

First Daffodils 2007 - PaD 2/3/07
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
Read more about this in A Gardener's Notebook, one of my other blogs.

Night and Day - PaD 2/2/07

Night and Day - PaD 2/2/07
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
Taken with my cameraphone over lunch yesterday.

The bright light of mid-day is snuffed out by wooden blinds, but still slips in among the cracks.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Event: Free Admission at the Norton Simon Museum

Free Admission at the Norton Simon Museum

Date: February 5, 2007 - February 11, 2007
Time: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Location: Norton Simon Museum

Address: 411 W. Colorado Blvd , Pasadena , 91105 [Map]

Cross Streets: Colorado Blvd / Orange Grove

Region: San Gabriel Valley Area

Phone: (626) 844-6840

Admission: Free

Accessibility: Wheel Chair Access, Hearing Devices Available,

Website: www.nortonsimon.org

Description: In honor of the 100th anniversary of art collector, entrepreneur and museum founder Norton Simon’s birth, the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena is extending free admission to all patrons from Monday, February 5th through Sunday, February 11th. While the Museum will be celebrating the centennial throughout 2007 with an exhibition, special public programs, a brochure, and more, the free week of admission commemorates Simon’s actual birth date (February 5, 2007).

Info courtesy Of ExperienceLA.com

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Andrea Louise Performs at Synergy Cafe - Sun, Feb, 18

This note comes from our musician friend, Andrea Louise.Her shows are always a fun night and the Synergy Cafe is a great venue. -- Douglas

Andrea Louise PhotoWelcome to the Lounge ‘o’ Love. Don’t you just feel it in the air? That it’s time to celebrate something sweet and fragrant and juicy and new and romantic and maybe just a little bit naughty?

We sure do…

Sunday, February 18th - 7:00 p.m.

and the next day is a Federal Holiday (President’s Day) so you can sleep in the next morning! (now *there’s* something to celebrate…)

Andrea Louise & Friends (at 7:45 p.m.), (www.andrealouise.com -- MySpace) with guests Paul Liddell (at 7:00 p.m.) (all the way from jolly olde England) and Jared Young (at 8:40 p.m.) (all the way from jolly olde Arkansas, but he lives *here* now…)

Synergy Café & Lounge
(Wonderful, cozy atmosphere AWESOME food)

Take a look at the lounge and the menu!

4455 Overland Avenue (s/o of Culver Blvd. n/o Jefferson Blvd.), Culver City (310) 559-8868

Andrea Louise & Friends combine the sensual, (and, okay, maybe just a eensy bit of the silly) with a delicious variety of skillfully played instruments and gorgeously intermingled voices to gently rock the house like an electric cradle of bluesy love.

On stage will be the Brilliant and Beautiful, Joseph, of the stunningly gorgeous musical project Windows to Sky and Oh. My. My!, Our very own guitar GOD, Larry Treadwell and the gorgeous and glorious
Berit Jordahl and a few more wondermous surprises

And you being there to share with us? Only the sweetest reason to celebrate of all… Oh yes, indeedy Yum Yum Yum. Surrender yourself. We’ll take such good care of you . . .

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Podcast: Metro Destinations for your iPod

Did you know that the Los Angeles MTA had a podcast.?

Neither did I until tonight when I was poking around on their web site.

Available in both audio and video formats.

I have one small correction for their podcast page. They say "Video Podcast - m4v format, Apple iPod Video model required". That's not quite true. You can view these podcasts directly on any computer with Apple's free iTunes software.

Link: Metro Destinations for your iPod

metro.net | Riding Metro - Metro Destinations for your iPod

Metro's video catalog showcases fun places to visit throughout Los Angeles County via public transportation, avoiding the hassle of traffic, parking and high gas prices.

The videos spotlight numerous venues such as Universal City, Hollywood, Pasadena, the J. Paul Getty Museum, Long Beach, Santa Monica, downtown Los Angeles, Latino LA, Koreatown, the newly refurbished Griffith Observatory, Farmers Market, Fashion District, Aquarium of the Pacific, Staples Center, Asian LA and more.

(Via MTA.net.)
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Event: Black History Bus Tour of Los Angeles

This tour visits sites that follow the progress of the African American community from the founding of the City to present day.

WHEN: February 3, 8:00 a.m.

SITE: Consolidated Realty Board of Southern California, 3725 Don Felipe Dr.

COST: Free

SPONSOR: Our Authors Study Club, Inc.

INFO: 310-854-6967

From the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department Festival Guide

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9:06 PM - PaD 2/1/07

9:06 PM - PaD 2/1/07
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
Tonight the weather station that always sits on my desk attracted my attention. At least it is warmer tonight than it has been lately.

Although the weather report seems to be calling for rain, I don't think any is on the horizon. Pity.

Old Book: The Jack of All Trades - FREE from Google Book Search

I love old books like this one mentioned in Make Magazine's blog, The Jack of All Trades. It takes us back to a simpler time when kids were allowed, even encouraged, to make things on their own. Sure, there is some anachronistic material within, but there are also some very cool ideas.

Even better, this book is available, in PDF format, directly from Google Book Search. Go take a look and let me know your favorite project.

The Jack of All Trades: fair weather ideas on Google Book search

Shawn writes - "This is a great book that is no longer in print that shows how to build everything from a log cabin to a wooden bugle. Even if you can't build some of the things in this book it still can flood the imagination with great ideas." - Link.

(Via MAKE: Blog.)
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