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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

At the mixing board - Photo-A-Day for October 31, 2006

Another "board" where I spend a lot of my time, these days, this mixing board is used to record all of my podcasts, or edit down those interviews I record on location.

Lots of knobs and dials, but it makes producing podcasts as simple as possible while giving me the best sound quality possible.

The little angel was a gift from my son and seems to sit perfectly among the knobs, keeping watch over my work.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween - Photo-A-Day for October 30, 2006

(Update (11/01/2006): Here is a short (~1 min) piece of video showing 3 of my effects for this Halloween -- a giant-sized eye, flickering chandeliers and my usual leaf blower ghost along with our 2 jack-o-lanterns -- Douglas)

A holiday appropriate subject for today's photo. After you spend an hour carving up your pumpkins, you have to take a few pictures.

I actually feel like I have my act together for Halloween this year. I have a brand new version of the my Leaf Blower Ghost up and running, a new motion sensor Ghoul with sound effects and a nice new tape of atmosphere music and sounds from my good friend Michael.

I will try to get a little video of my tiny "haunt" tomorrow night and share it here or on YouTube.

Have a great Halloween!

GTD Weekly Review - Photo-A-Day for October 29, 2006

Trying to get back on my GTD (Getting Things Done) horse this week with a traditional "Weekly Review" of everything I need to get done. I tend to stay fairly organized, but like most people, I need a chance to "reset" every now and then.

I have found the GTD methodology to be very effective, even if you don't quite get all of it working. Even doing 1 or 2 of the suggestions is enough to jump start your productivity.

For more information on GTD, visit David Allen's web site at http://davidco.com

Sunday, October 29, 2006

What I'm Reading...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Guitar - Photo-A-Day for October 28, 2006

I've been finding a few more moments in my day to pick up my guitar recently. My music playing buddy, Don, has been totally absorbed by home and work projects, so I need to get back on the horse by myself.

I need to head over to the music store to pick up some strings, picks and other tools. Even with that, though, I am enjoying the time spent with the guitar.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Geodes - Photo-A-Day for October 27, 2006

Originally uploaded by dewelch.
Joe and I visited the Del Air Rockhounds Annual Gem Fair in Northridge, CA. These are geodes that the club was selling and then cutting open for the buyer. This is a bit of a grab bag, as you are never quite sure what might be inside, but the kids seem to enjoy the sense of discovery.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Friends in Tech present "THE SERVER ROOM OF HORRORS 2006"

Friends in Tech present "THE SERVER ROOM OF HORRORS 2006" - a little high-tech fun for Halloween
It's the week before Halloween and odd things are happening at Rippy's Computer Warehouse. The server room turns squishy, zombies are on the network and the UPS wails DEATH into the night. Who will survive this year's SERVER ROOM OF HORRORS?

The members of Friends in Tech, an alliance of technology podcasters and bloggers, proudly present THE SERVER ROOM OF HORRORS, their 2nd annual Halloween production, putting a bit of holiday fun back into high-tech.

Available October 27, 2006

Listen to the promo!

Each year, Friends in Tech members -- along with select podcaster guest stars -- write, record and produce holiday specials to lighten the season. Techies like to have fun too, even when they are pushing themselves to make that ChrismaHanaKwanzaa deadline. Friends in Tech is proud to offer a little relief for our stressful world.

Visit http://friendsintech.com to listen to THE SERVER ROOM OF HORRORS, or subscribe to the Friends in Tech RSS feed to receive the show automatically. Remember, you don't need an iPod to enjoy this special or any podcast.

Along with their annual productions, Friends in Tech members are regular guests on other memberís podcasts and blogs, bringing their unique knowledge, talent and insights to a new audience of listeners. Members also join together to create exclusive content for the Friends In Tech website, including FiT Tips, a collection of short audio hints to help ease listenerís computer life.

Dominos - Photo-A-Day for October 26, 2006

Children's toys and a mirrored closet door give an interesting perspective.

I am still trying to get used to this photo-a-day schedule. Some days I find photos while I am out and on others, like today, I have to find a subject within the confines of the house. I am liking what I am seeing though. My eyes are opening, slowly to the possibilities that are out there surrounding my everyday life.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Autumn Glow - Photo-A-Day for October 25, 2006

I waited a bit late to get in today's photo, but I always liked fiddlign with low-light shots, so this was a fun scene to work with. I used a tripod to hold the camera steady, increased the exposure and used the timer on m my point-and-shoot digital to keep it as sharp as possible.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Travel books - Photo-A-Day for October 24, 2006

Picking up books at the library today, I always make a point of checking the sorting shelves whenever I visit. These are the shelves where returned books are sorted before being reshelved in their proper areas. It is always neat to see what other people have been checking out.

In this case, though, the photo is of the rack immediately next to the sorting shelves. Nothing but travel books as far as the eye can see. I have been itching to get out of town for a while and would love to visit London and the English countryside again. Maybe that is why this section caught my eye.

Monday, October 23, 2006

On Podcasting: My Podcast Process

I am often asked to talk about the steps I go through to create my podcasts, so I began to outline my methods a few weeks ago. I have been podcasting for over 2 years now, so most of this process is internalized, but it is probably a good idea for me to review the process to see if there is any way I can streamline it.

A word of warning, though, since I have been podcasting for so long, some of my methods have been superseded by much better methods. I am simply being slow to change the systems I have been using as they continue to operate well for me. I will mention the alternatives as I detail the process.

Creating the content

My main podcast, Career Opportunities, is a print column first. It appears in ComputorEdge in San Diego, California. This means that each podcast has been written, usually in MS Word, up to 6 weeks before it appear in the magazine and as a podcast. My other podcasts are more freeform and usually are recorded directly from an outline or loose notes.

Since each show is pre-written, I am able to move to the recording stage of my podcast without much more work.


When I first started recording my podcast I used the tools at hand, which meant Apple's Garageband. In fact, the theme music you hear at the beginning of every show is made from 2 music loops that ship with Garageband.

I record each podcast directly into Garageband, preserving the music and the outro from the previous show. I lay down the intro, adding a changing piece of contact information and the show title. Then I begin recording the actual column.

I try to record about a paragraph at a time from the written column. If I make a mistake, I immediately stop the recording, trim the offending part and start recording again from that point. I do this to avoid the "Oops" problem, where unedited sections of audio make it into your final product. I occasionally hear this in my friend's shows, so I use this method to avoid it.

Once the entire show is recorded, I go back to the beginning and begin tightening up the breaks between each recorded section. This usually means bringing the clips closer together so the breaks sound natural, as if I recorded the entire show in one (excellent) take. If only that were the case. (SMILE)

Once the show is complete, I select the Share to iTunes menu choice in GarageBand. This mixes down all the individual tracks and moves and AAC file over to Apple's iTunes software.

Titling, Tagging and Conversion

Once the show appears in my iTunes Library I add an appropriate title, Artist, Show Title, notes (including URLs and contact info) and the graphic artwork for the show. Once complete, I use iTunes conversion options to convert the file to a standard MP3. In the beginning, I usually converted the show to a 64kbps MP3 file, but as time has passed and my recording quality has increased, I regularly produce this final file at 96kbps or even 128kbps. This results in a larger file but with a short show (around 6 minutes) it doesn't cause a significant impact on files size or download time.

Once converted, I listen to the show to check for MP3 compression artifacts or other errors. Then I locate the file on the hard drive and name it appropriately for the web. These names take the form of career-op-20061020.mp3, where the numbers indicate the date the show was released. This means that even if a listener is not using iTunes or other MP3 player that can view the ID3 tags in the file, it still indicates that this is a Career-Op episode from a specific date.

This MP3 file is then uploaded to my web site, currently hosted at GoDaddy.com. I use YummyFTP as my Macintosh FTP client. There is a standard file structure on my web site that makes it clear where each file should reside.

Once the files is uploaded, I access the MP3 directly using my web browser to ensure that it plays correctly.

Web pages, Blogs and RSS Feeds

One oddity that arises from my early start in podcasting, and the fact that Career-Op is a written column, is that I post the full text of each show to my web site. Each column gets its own static web page which also direct links to the MP3 file. I create this file using Dreamweaver, based on the page from the previous week. I then test that file, using my web browser.

Next, I create the blog post for the main Career-Op page that announces the new show and links to the static columns page and the MP3 file. I use Blogger.com to create all of my blogs. One artifact from using Blogger is that it cannot create the RSS 2.0 with enclosures file that is required for podcasting. Other blogging software can do this, but I have not yet made the transition to these newer systems. Blogger does create an ATOM formatted feed, which is an RSS derivative.

To work around this issue, I use the services of FeedBurner.com. FeedBurner can take the Blogger-created ATOM feed and process it into a podcast-compatible RSS 2.0 feed, while adding a number of other features including iTunes specific ID3 tags, advertising and more. My subscribers then subscribe directly to this FeedBurner-created feed to receive my podcast automatically.

This is another artifact of my early start in podcasting. Today, while you might wish to use FeedBurner to create your final podcast feed, you should mask this feed behind a re-direct on your web site. For example, your subscribers might use the URL http://welchwrite.com/podcast.xml to subscribe to your podcast, this address might actually be re-directing the users to your FeebBurner feed. In this way, you retain full control of your feed and can easily stop using FeedBurner any time you wish without forcing all your listeners to re-subscribe to the new address.

Now, I post the blog entry to the blog using Blogger, which creates the new blog page and automatically moves to my web site, ready to be accessed by my readers and listeners.

Since FeedBurner is using the Blogger ATOM file to create its enhanced RSS feed, I also visit a special web page which tells FeedBurner that my basic RSS feed has changed and instructs it to update its RSS feed based on this new information. This would happen automatically within 30 minutes, but I prefer to force the update manually so I can check that the podcast downloads correctly.

At this point, my show is now available to the next listener who might request the RSS feed.

This is a very basic outline of my podcasting process and yours is sure to be somewhat different. In the interest of brevity, I have assumed quite a bit of knowledge, so if you have further questions on the process, please add your comments using the link below.

Keep podcasting...or get started today!

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Sundown - Photo-A-Day for October 23, 2006

The slanting sunlight of Fall makes quite an impression on the yellow walls of our living room.

Event: GEMboree Gem Show - Oct 27-28

Interested in Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, Gems or Jewelry?

The Del Air Rockhound Club is hosting their GEMboree SHOW

OCTOBER 27TH - 3:00PM - 9:30PM
OCTOBER 28TH - 10:00AM - 5:00PM

AT the United Methodist Church - 9650 Reseda Blvd. ( at Superior St.) in Northridge, CA


There will be: Educational Displays for youth and adults, Fossils, Games, Jewelry, Beads, Crystals, and more

A Hands On area - polish you own stone, learn how to carve stone, Geode Cutting, Demonstrations, and Food.

It's a great place to find UNIQUE HOLIDAY GIFTS

For more information: http://hometown.aol.com/delairocks/events.htm

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Event: 6th Annual Cider at Circle X - Oct 28

6th Annual Cider at Circle X

Saturday, October 28 10:00am - 4:00pm

Come to a park site high in the Santa Monica Mountains.Weíll have cider, cookies and candy at the Circle X Contact Station. National Park Service staff will be available to provide trail information for self-guided exploration.

Contact station is 5.4 miles north on Yerba Buena Rd from Pacific Coast Highway.

More info: http://www.nps.gov/archive/samo/outdoors/

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - "Museum Sundae"

I spent some time today at The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, located on the ground of Valley College. This free, ice cream social was held to re-introduce Valley residents to the newly re-vitalized museum.

I had an opportunity to speak with several of the principals of the museum including the curator and the president. You can listen to my soundseeing tour of the event by clicking on the link below. Click any of the photos for a small photo gallery.

The museum is open irregular hours that change from semester to semester, but you can find current information on the museums web site, http://museumsfv.org/

Listen to the soundseeing tour

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Matchbook - Photo-A-Day for October 22, 2006

Part of a matchbook collection at the San Fernando Valley Museum on the grounds of Valley College. Today they held a "Museum Sundae" -- an ice cream social -- to introduce residents to the newly revitalized museum,.

Watch My Word for a soundseeing tour from my day at the event in the next few days.

New Friends in Tech Sponsor: Belly Button Biometrics

Belly Button Biometrics

The NEW 10,000DPI BBB 3.0 scanner is available now WITHOUT the annoying abdominal sunburn.

Watch for our full press release coming Friday, October 27th.

Be sure to subscribe to the main Friends in Tech RSS feed to receive further information automatically.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hands - Photo-A-Day for October 21, 2006

The shot I had planned for today had lost the light by the time we got home from a birthday party, so I found an alternate subject. This time is my wife's hands. We have been married for over 20 years now and I have seen these hands do many things, from typing a television script to holding our son for the first time.

Friday, October 20, 2006

To Read - Photo-A-Day for October 20, 2006

This photo shows some of the variety in my regular reading. I always tell folks, "A geek in one thing, a geek in all things." You can find me geeking out on architecture and science as easily as my typical focus, technology. Then there is photography, painting, sketching, gardening, and so on and so on and so on. (SMILE)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dumplings - Photo-A-Day for October 19, 2006

I made chicken and rice soup for dinner tonight, but in honor of having my parents visiting, I made some dumplings on top. These are some of the simplest things to make and you can even do it on top of a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle, if that is all you have.

Dumplings are comfort food to the highest degree, right up there with biscuits and gravy, although they are probably a lot better for you.

On another note, you never think about how difficult it is to take a picture of a steaming pot of soup. Hence the slight out-of-focus picture. (SMILE)

BarCampLA is coming! - Nov 11 + 12

The next BarCampLA is fast approaching, so get your tech together and join us for 2 days of geek fun and learning.

What is BarCamp? Check out this link to find out.

Every attendee to BarCamp is also a presenter. What tech knowledge do you have that you would love to share? Bring it along, sign up for a session on the big board and present away.

I will be doing lots of Podcast Q&A and demonstrating how people can start podcasting today.

Visit the BarCampLA wiki for more information and to add your name to the list of attendees/presenters!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sun and Moon - Photo-A-Day for October 18, 2006

Despite the warm temperature brought in by the Santa Ana winds, there was the smell of Fall in the garden today.

The sun is creeping lower int he sky, the leaves are turning and there is that unmistakable smell I always associate with Fall.

I cleaned up some leaves, and neatened some other areas of the garden, trying to clear my head for some writing I need to do. This weathervane is uninstalled at the moment...yet another garden project I need to get on with. Soon, though, real soon now.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Silly geek rhyme...do you get it?

After returning from this month's Geek Dinner, I came across this tonight and it reaffirmed just how much of a geek I am. I laughed out loud. Do you remember a bit of high school chemistry?

Johnny was a chemist's son,
but Johnny is no more.
What Johnny thought was H2O
was H2SO4

Just in time for Halloween

All these books have great ideas for your Halloween Jack-o-Lantern and other food-based decorations.

Malibu Green Man - Photo-A-Day for October 17, 2006

We took my parents down to Malibu today for a quick tour of the grounds of the Adamson House in Malibu, California. The house is decorated with thousands of tile from Malibu Potteries, owned, at the time, by the same family.

It was a perfect day to be at he beach. Warm with cooling breeze.

This photo shows the tile sculpture called "The Green Man." You can find more information on the Green Man myth and legend through this wikipedia entry.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Legos Past - Photo-A-Day for October 16, 2006

Joe got back into building with Lego this summer, although he is no longer the little guy seen in the pictures from the top of our television cabinet.

Antarctica Time lapse: A Year on Ice

Antarctica Time lapse: A Year on Ice


I have always been fascinated with Antarctica and this video does its best to make you want to visit. The cold would be crushing, I am sure, but the beauty is truly breathtaking.

These amazing time lapse photos will give you a sense of that beauty.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Harvest - Photo-A-Day for Octber 15, 2006

Its harvest time all over, even here in LA. Took the family to Los Encinos State Historic Park this morning for their living history day and then hit Tapia Bros. Market on the way home. They are making a big deal out of Fall this year with tons of pumpkins, corn, squash and more.

This was a display of "Indian Corn" for sale. Lots of neat colors and textures.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Puzzling - Photo-A-Day for October 14, 2006

My parents are visiting from Ohio, like they do 1 or 2 times a year, and during those visits we often engage in what Los Angeles folks might call "old tyme" activities...such as putting puzzles together.

I guess this is to be expected from Ohio transplants, even after 20 years in LA. Heck, this afternoon I even listened to A Prairie Home Companion. What is to happen to all my (non-existent) LA hipster cred? (SMILE)

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Harvard Class on Podcasting

Check out his video of fellow Friends in Tech member, Victor Cajiao of the Typical PC User and Typical Mac User podcasts, speaking to Harvard University's Computer Science E-1 class via Skype Video.

Computer Science E-1 is an introduction to computers class that also podcasts each lecture over the Internet. If you want to find out more about podcasting, from a great guy, check out Victor and instructor, David J. Malan.

There are lectures on other computer topics also available directly from the web site or from iTunes.

Watch the video here!

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Photo-A-Day for October 13, 2006

Photo-A-Day for October 13, 2006
Originally uploaded by dewelch.
I am trying out the concept of a Photo-A-Day as mentioned in this blog post from Photojojo.

So, here for the first day of the project are the tools of my trade.

Note the pic of my son on the cell screen. Got to remember that you still have a family even when you are making a living. Today I am off to Venice, Century City and Bel Air and back.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Your LA Segment - Re-aired and longer version

I got an IM from a friend today to let me know that my podcasting segment for YourLA, the new local NBC show, aired again today.

Checking the YourLA page at MySpace, I see that they have posted a longer version of the segment, containing a lot more information.

Check it out today, as I have no idea how long before it gets rotated out.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Book: Murder on the Rocks by Karn MacInerny

I love a good mystery novel, and especially mystery series, where you can really get to know the characters. Murder on the Rocks: A Grey Whale Inn Mystery looks to be the beginning of a very fun series.

Natalie, new owner and operator of the Grey Whale Inn on Cranberry Island, Maine is struggling through her first year as an innkeeper. Her niece, Gwen, has been sent from California, after having trouble in her first year of college to take some art classes and help out at the inn. Life gets very complicated when a high-powered developer decides to build his new resort right next to the inn, but is found dead at the bottom of the ocean-view bluffs before the deal can go through. Everyone suspects Natalie, who was working to turn the bluffs and surrounding area into a bird sanctuary.

I like the cast of characters surrounding Natalie and would really enjoy seeing them again and again as the backdrop to mystery. Growing up in a small town, I also love to re-visit that time through the stories I read.

MacInerney's next book, Dead and Berried, is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Grand Avenue Festival: A Soundseeing Tour

We spent all day Saturday at the Grand Avenue Festival in Downtown LA yesterday and had a great time. Here is a small sampling of the sounds that surrounded us.

Listen to the Soundseeing Tour

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Bitterest Pill Video Podcast pilot (expo edit)

Not sure what it is with the video posts today, but I see that fellow LA Podcaster, Dan Klass of The Bitterest Pill has placed his new video project on YouTube.

Dan premiered this show at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo last weekend.

I can relate to a lot of this, except the laundry. Rosanne still does the laundry, thank goodness, although I consider bookkeeping and banking my own personal laundry-like experience. So when Dan is talking about laundry think of me writing out checks and licking envelopes and stamps and stuff.

Music for one apartment and six drummers

A little musical coolness from Scandinavia

Mommy blog!

Our close friend, Dawn Comer Jefferson has a new blog/column over at momrising.org. Check it out!

Mixing it up!

If you havenít already noticed, for the most part, my postings are about food or eating or not eatingóbasically something involving the digestive system. And Iím not a cookbook author or even a hard-core chef. Itís just that when I was younger, I was told that one of the most intimate things you can do socially with another person is eat. Itís a concept that has stuck with me because it makes sense: Eating brings us together, fosters cooperation and encourages sharingóif not of food, then of emotional and intellectual expression. It is the reason why potlucks, block parties and school mixers are so popular. It is why the concept of the family dinner (or making sure you have at least one of the three daily meals together) is so important. And now experts are confirming what parents have assumed for years: that cooking together is as positive an experience for kids and parents as eating together. (Continues)

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Book Review: The $64 Tomato by William Alexander

Listen to the Review

It is a story as old as America itself. When we dream, we dream big. Big houses, big cars and, in the case of The $64 Tomato, big gardens. In this book, author William Alexander details his love/hate relationship with his garden. I knew I was going to love this book within the first chapter, when I found myself laughing out loud time and time again. Alexander perfectly captures the idealism and absurdity that usually accompany any home improvement project.

I must say that, after my childhood of helping my Grandmother and my Father in the garden and even, reluctantly, maintaining my own small garden plot as a child, I found it a bit ludicrous that anyone would actually set out to "design" a vegetable garden. In my experience, you usually just mark out an area, have the neighbor plow it up and disc it down, lay out some string lines and plant. Aesthetics were rarely, if ever, an issue. Now you bring in experts, test the soil, try exotic new varieties of plants and, so it seems, endure many failures.

While the book is funny, it is also a trifle sad. There is an underlying current of hubris which seems to thrive in the heart of every American. We like to think we can conquer and control anything, even nature itself, when, in reality, we can only hold back nature for short periods of time and even then, only in relatively small areas. It is also a story of having eyes too large for our stomachs. Rows and rows of zucchini that must be given away, if not forced on the neighbors. Yes, we love having fresh food from our very own gardens, but it seems we have no self-control. If "some" is good than "more" must certainly be better.

The $64 Tomato is entertaining and enlightening because it is so true. Anyone with any aspirations to gardening will recognize themselves in its pages. Gardening, like life itself, is about struggle and this book details many struggles with bugs, grass, weeds and neighbors. Even then, I can guess that these were only a small portion of the troubles that occurred in the real garden. Television writers, like my wife, constantly deal with this issue. Just because something happened in real life, often times the viewers will never believe it. I would guess there are more stories that this gardening author has yet to tell.

The saddest part, but one that rings true, is the author's struggle in finding balance between gardening as a task and gardening as a joy. I know that I experience this every day in my own garden and I am sure you do, too. It is a rare gardener who can find joy in pulling weeds time and time again That said, don't let the dandelions get you down. Pour a nice, cool lemonade (preferably made from your own lemons), sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy, if just for a moment, the garden you have created. While I certainly hope you don't spend $64 for each tomato you harvest, this book can make you laugh and give you solace in the knowledge that most gardener's are happily suffering right along with you.

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Griffith Park Observatory no longer FREE

Update (10/3/2006): Glad to see that even the LA Times thinks the new shuttle fee is "astronomical."

L.A.'s Eye on Cosmos Returns: Griffith Observatory will reopen Nov. 3 after a $93-million renovation. The price of the shuttle ride is also astronomical.

From the LATimes...

Fearing traffic jams, the city has closed the 199-space lot at the observatory and will instead require that visitors make time-certain advance reservations and, in most cases, use shuttle buses based at the Hollywood-Highland mall and Los Angeles Zoo parking lots. The shuttles are expected to charge $8 per adult, $4 for children ages 5 to 12.

Observatory admission will remain free ó as donor Griffith J. Griffith stipulated in his will nine decades ago ó for those who walk or bicycle to the site, up to 1,320 per day.

They make no mention of whether this will be a temporary or permanent change in operations, but my guess it will be permanent. I can't imagine why it should cost $8 for someone to take a shuttle bus to a site and attraction that was built and restored with their tax dollars and rests on city property.

The Getty Center, a private foundation, can do as they please (although I find their $8 parking fee utterly ridiculous, too), but city sites should remain free of abusive and exclusionary fees.

It is the height of disingenuousness to say that that "admission will remain free." The observatory is not free if you can't get to the door for free. Ok, you can walk or bicycle to the site, but this isn't LACMA, located in the middle of the city on flat ground. This is an observatory on top of a mountain, a good mile walk from any other parking. Frankly, I also think it violates the stipulation in Griffith's will as much as charging for tickets at the door.

I call shenanigans on this entire operation and hope that others will, too. The time has come do REDUCE/REMOVE parking fees and admission fees, not use them TAX the city's residents for something for which they have already paid.

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Event: Brewery Artwalk - Downtown - Oct 7-8

The twice yearly Brewery Artwalk kicks off its Fall incarnation this weekend, Oct 7 & 8, from 11am - 6pm each day.

We always have a great time when we visit.


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Elsewhere Online: HOW TO - Make paper

This is an incredibly detailed How-To on making your own paper -- something I have always wanted to do. It is resources like this, where sharing information is the highest priority, that makes the Internet a truly amazing place.

In the past, finding science fair projects for kids was a chore. Every year saw a regurgitation of the same projects again and again. Now, with resources like Make, I am starting to see totally new concepts and experiments. I can't wait to start using them for my son's projects as he gets older.

HOW TO - Make paper

B. Zedan wrote in with a great paper making how-to... - "A step-by-step tutorial on making paper in your kitchen, no fancy press required. Lots of notes on the photos for advice and help. I made this tutorial a year ago and since I've had people from all over tell me they used it to make paper for the first time (and they've made some lovely sheets). That sort of thing is terribly exciting to me, I think paper is the best addiction ever." (Continues)

(Via MAKE: Blog.)

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Monday, October 02, 2006

On Podcasting: Podcasting and Education Panel from the Expo

Listen to the podcast

I was a guest on this panel discussion, hosted by the folks from Learn Out Loud, was recorded LIVE at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo on Saturday, September 29th, 2006.

This was part of the LA Podcasters 2-day schedule of live events in their booth on the Expo show floor.

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